Polish Career Paths in Germany lead to home

They are not yet ready to return to Poland, but want to be closer to their homeland. These are the recent Polish migrants in Germany many of whom have extensive professional experience in the UK and worldwide. For Poles, living in Germany is like being on the threshold of home. There is no need to fly to get there. They can visit the family more often and be together with German loved ones they’ve met abroad.

Germany's economy is booming, the best for the last three years. For people wishing to work in their chosen profession and in a position of responsibility there are many openings. Research has shown that Germany will need around five million skilled professionals by 2020. This is an opportunity for specialists from around the world, and one which is particularly attractive to Poles.

Poles working in multinational companies and wishing to work in Germany often make efforts to get involved in expatriate assignments within the corporation, i.e. to move to the headquarters of the parent company or to transfer to a subsidiary. Employers favour the international transfer of employees, if it helps to retain the best ones within the company. Transfers are also a remedy for a local lack of adequate specialists, and a good opportunity for an international exchange of experience.

Professionals for whom expatriation is not an option can look for a job in Germany while either relocating or remaining in their current country of residence. In both cases, deciding in what language to write the job application is crucial. If they do not know German to at least advanced level, the job application should be written in English. Otherwise, it is smart to send out documents in German and make sure they are in line with German standards.

Nevertheless, when wishing to embark on a career in Germany, it is worth investing time and energy into learning German. The better applicants' German language skills are, the less likely they will be limited to English language positions. Professionals fluent in both languages have the best chances of being hired. Multinationals and Internet start-ups readily employ international specialists and managers, because it means they can be seen as organizations with multicultural teams and discrimination-free task-based environments, and thus continuing the cosmopolitan tradition of Silicon Valley.

Magdalena Maśluk-Meller is a career consultant and at the International Career Service www.8careers.eu based in Berlin. Author of the Polish job application handbook “Résumé (CV) and professional job application in German. The complete handbook for job seekers". In 2010, she moved to Berlin from Shanghai, where, with others, she worked as the HR Director of the advertising agency TBWA.

04 czerwca 2014 - 8careers [infinity careers]

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